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Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here!  My goal is to help you heal your

current health concerns, to bring more peace and relaxation in to your life, or to help prevent dis-ease in your body.  I specialize in a variety of holistic treatments that stimulate the body's natural healing ability, bringing the body back in to balance.  Book an appointment with me today and start the journey of healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Covid-19 Update: 

 * I will be asking some pre-screening questions when booking the appointment and again when you arrive for your appointment.

* If you are feeling unwell, please call to reschedule.

* Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment.

* All areas of contact will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients.

* A mask is required

* You will be required to wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival.

As always, I am committed to your health and safety and that you are comfortable coming for treatment. Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns. 902-754-0508 😊

~ Jeanette


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the stimulation of reflex points on the feet or hands to create a positive change in the body. Through precise finger and thumb techniques, the corresponding area of the body will begin to heal. Some of the benefits of reflexology include stress relief (75% of illnesses are estimated to be stress related), improved circulation, improved immune system, decrease of pain, better digestion, improved sleeping habits, increased energy and an overall state of balance and relaxation.

60 minute treatment $65

30 minute treatment $35

add 30 min Indian Head Massage $90

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy incorporates both Reflexology and massage techniques with the use of 8 different essential 
oils.  Stimulating the spine reflex of the foot and dropping a series of oils along the spine "like raindrops", this treatment 
aims to realign the energy of the body, reduce stress and balance the body's systems.
60 minute treatment   $70
add Indian Head Massage $95

head massage.jpg

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a treatment on the upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face while you're seated.  Its primary benefit is to decrease stress and promote relaxation.  Other benefits include:
- Alleviates anxiety and mild depression
- Increases blood circulation to the head, neck and shoulders
- Helps mental fatigue and improves concentration
- Relieves stiffness in the upper back, neck and shoulders
- Relieves eyestrain, headaches, nasal congestion, TMJ
- Aids detoxification of the body
- Improves sleep
30 minute treatment   $35

Full Body Treatment

Using techniques from Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy and Indian Head Massage, this treatment will leave you feeling relaxed from head to toe!  The face, head, arms, hands, feet and back will all be treated during this session.  

75 minutes $85

2018-01-25 16.58.35.jpg
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Relaxation Massage

This treatment incorporates the use of smooth stones warmed in water to better relieve tense muscles, improve circulation and promote an overall sense of relaxation.  This is a full body treatment on the arms, legs, back, neck, face and head.
60 minute treatment $75
Add Indian Head Massage $100

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, this treatment is for you!  Combining Reflexology and stretching techniques on the feet and legs, this treatment aims to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with this condition.
60 minutes $65


In House Healing

I am pleased to offer my services in your place of business.  Employees that are more relaxed are less stressed, take less sick leave and are more productive.  I am happy to do a free presentation to your staff on the many benefits of Reflexology Therapy and Indian Head Massage. 
20 mins $30, 30 mins $40

Located at 26 St. Stephen St., Pictou, NS
Phone 902-754-0508 to book an appointment

I look forward to working with you!

26 St Stephan St, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0, Canada

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